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President's Message

Dear Friend-
Greetings! I am inviting you to consider becoming a heartfelt connector during this year’s thanksgiving i.e. 2017 – as well as the following years’- for a new organization we are launching. As many of you know, a little over a year ago, I traveled to Ghana after seven years of being in the United States. I went to give back to my native country- a piece of what this great country has given me- Confidence, and the ability to really dream BIG! Together with a wonderful group of women and a few good men, a network for women to learn and teach each other programming languages, share career advice and discuss work-related issues now exists and thrives in the heart of Accra- Ghana’s capital.

This new organization- Coders Who Travel Inc. – seeks to replicate my story and to provide an avenue for professional computer or mathematical programmers who desire to give back-for example, create a coding hub- to a place for one reason or another without the usual constraints of costs and logistics. It is a big idea. But, I am immediately reminded of a saying, Don’t give up because of how long it will take to do something. The time will pass anyway, so do it!

There are three ways to help as a heartfelt connector. You can one, donate air travel miles. Two, donate hotel rewards. And lastly, donate cash. I really appreciate you taking time to consider donating in one or more categories. Please note that, in-kind donations – forms that can help you write off in your taxes–will be made available if needed. We have submitted an application to the IRS for our Tax Exempt Status

My story can be boomeranged on a global level. How you say? By slicing and dicing it with other Coders. Your contribution is an important first step. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving in advance to you and your family in 2017 and the ensuing years!