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About Us

The Coders Who Travel Group of companies (CWT) comprises The Coders Who Travel Foundation, Coders Who Travel L.L.C., and Coders Page Inc. The Coders Who Travel Foundation is a United States-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with a mission to transform Veterans, Women Returning to the Workforce, Coal Miners, and Students into Data Scientists. Coders Who Travel L.L.C. is a United States-based for-profit company providing data analytics and predictive analytics solutions. Coders Page Inc. is a Ghana-based Non-Government Organization with a mission to discover and train Students and early Career Professionals into Local Gurus.

The leadership of CWT are distinguished in the fields of Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Statistical/Mathematical Programming, Public Health, and Women in Technology initiatives. They have worked for top-notch companies such as Deloitte & Touche LLP, Mathematica Policy Research, Westat, US Treasury, US Air Force, and US Army. The work of CWT has been featured in Class CNBC Italy, Innovation Post, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Africa Tech Summit, Diaspora News Television, and the World Manufacturing Forum.


To deliver applied computer programming knowledge, work experience, and professional networking in Ghana and other emerging regions.


To inspire and advance the careers of computer and mathematical programmers in emerging regions like Ghana and to transform the United States military men and women into professional coders.


In lesser developed parts of the world, access to current and leading-edge technology training is limited, if it exists at all, and local cultures often do not support the evolution of career networks in this field that can advance and expand a region’s technology footprint. Often what is lacking is a motivated individual or organization to initiate the network development.

Target Market

Developing nations and under-reached regions in developed countries.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Staying TRUE to our vision

Proactive: We TRAVEL to the communities that need our expertise

Empathy: We understand the communities through our BRIDGE-BUILDERS

Exchange: We are TEACHABLE both in developed and developing nations

Respect: We are after the MIDDLE-CLASS in our target markets

Supportive: We enable career transformations via our EXPERTS